Garena Free Fire OB26 update: New gun, characters, updated training ground, and more

The Garena Free Fire OB26 will reportedly be named "The Cobra". Here are all the things about which we will get this information.

Garena Free Fire OB26 update: New gun, characters, updated training ground, and more

Garena will start rolling out the dubbed OB26 update for its popular Battle Royale game, Free Fire, with a major update today. The company has announced that all players who have installed the O26 update and logging before February 9, 4:00 AM will receive two Diamond Royale vouchers and two Weapon Royale vouchers.

The update will reportedly be named "The Cobra". The company is yet to reveal the patch notes of the update, however, it is rolling out all the new features that the update will bring for a while now. The update will include new gameplay mechanics, weapon balance and new characters.

Garena Free Fire OB26 Update: What are the changes?

The Gerena Free Fire OB26 update will rebalance nine weapons to help make the game more fair. The weapons being rebalanced will include Gorza, UMP, M1014, M249, SVD, M1887, Vector, Parfal and Woodpecker.

Similar to Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM), a revival system will also update. Its system will be slightly different from CODM, as it requires players to collect tokens, which can then be exchanged for revival cards on vending machines. Players will also be able to revive an entire team with the help of revival points scattered around the map during a match.

The update will bring an option for players to give quick commands, such as "enemy spotted" or "be vigilant" like we used in Pub Mobile. This feature will help players to communicate with teammates without turning on their microphones.

A new gun called UAV-Lite will be added to the gameplay. Little is known about the new gun, but it is expected to operate in a similar fashion to UAVs.

The training ground will get a visual and a gameplay upgrade, with new options such as running on a track map. Players will also be able to ride the Ferris wheel in the game.

The new addition to the characters, Skylar, is based on Vietnamese music artist, Son Tung M-TP. He will have the ability to destroy Glow Walls.