PUBG Global Invitational.S tournament: How to take part in the Pick’em Challenge

PUBG Global Invitational.S is the first event planned for the game in 2021. Thirty-two teams from all over the world are vying for the title and advancing to one of PUBG Global's biggest competitions to take place during the year.

PUBG Global Invitational.S

The Global Invitational.S tournament also marks the return of the Pick’em Challenge, which allows players to get voting coupons by watching games and voting for a team that will predict who will win. If the players can choose the right winner, they will be rewarded with Esports points, which can redeem items within the game. The Global Invitational.S competition will run until March 24

Note: This tournament is for PC and console game type, which is not allowed in India.

Division of the Pick’Em Challenge

This time following the Pick'Em Challenge it is divided into three versions. The first is when players need to guess the top four teams in the eight finals each week, the second is when players need to guess the MVP with a lot of killings and or guess the team winning Chicken Dinner at the Weekly Finals, depending on the odds and even weeks counted. Finally, the third version requires players to select the winner of the Survival Tournament.

Reddit Offer

Reddit in partnership with PUBG Corp. of Global Invitational.S has organized a total of 300 voting coupons and 30x 80,000 EP prizes. All of this will be provided to Reddit users in Week 2 and Week 5 of the tournament. To participate in the offer, Redditors need to watch all the games of the week, record and share a clip of their favorite time of the week with a donation thread, the comment should have your game name and platform.

Analysts also need to sign this form. The first prize is already underway and will continue until February 21. All prizes will be distributed during next week within the same thread available within the e-sports tab.