PUBG Mobile India launch latest update: Top 4 important questions answered

The latest update of PUBG Mobile India: When will the new war game in India reopen in India? We answer all the frequently asked questions here.

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PUBG Mobile was banned in India back in September last year and many other Chinese programs such as TikTok, Camscanner, and others under Section 69A of the Information Technology (IT) Act. A few months later, in November PUBG Corporation announced that it would return the game but with a new version called PUBG Mobile India. At the time, the company joked that a new type of Indian game would be released soon and aimed at providing security and privacy to users.

Rumors have surfaced a few months ago that the game will be re-released in India soon but the question is when? What is the latest update on the re-launch of PUBG Mobile in India? We answer many frequently asked questions related to the battle royale game here. Look.

When will PUBG Mobile launch in India

There are no official names for this. Maybe a war game will never be introduced in India or maybe PUBG Corporation will work with the Indian government to bring the game back to the country soon. We have doubts about this until the company removes them. The company seems optimistic though, but the government is clearly not. So, take every piece of information that requires a game presentation with a pinch of salt. The game is currently banned in the country, which means you can't download or play the game anywhere.

What happened between PUBG Mobile and the government

Last month, PUBG Mobile reportedly asked the Indian government to hold a meeting to discuss the re-launch of PUBG Mobile in India but the company did not receive a positive response. Therefore, we suggest that you wait for the company and the government to release official details about the launch of the game before trusting the rumors circulating on the web. Make sure, at the moment, there are no official names from the government or PUBG Corporation for the re-launch of the game in India.

Recently, the Indian government reportedly imposed a permanent ban on other Chinese applications, meaning they will never return to India. This list does not include PUBG Mobile, which is good news for the company.

How easy it is to re-launch the banned PUBG Mobile in India

Well, it's not as easy as it sounds. Restarting a banned app in India is a big task. To bring the game back to India, PUBG Corporation will need to meet all the needs or concerns raised by the Indian government. One of the main reasons why the app is banned in India is user safety and privacy at risk.

During the announcement of PUBG Mobile India, the company said that the most important new avatar is: user safety. The company also said that PUBG Mobile India will be an advanced version of the main game and will meet all the concerns raised by the Indian government. Therefore, to bring the game back to the country, PUBG Corporation will need to first prove that the stadium is safe for Indian players and the details are held in the country and not in China.

What a recent update from PUBG Corporation

The last update from the company was when it announced the arrival of PUBG Mobile India. In fact, the official website also shows a teaser saying "IPUBG Mobile India is coming soon". The company has never released any official details related to the launch of the game in India.