This teaser for the next Hearthstone expansion looks very Horde flavored

Blizzard clarifies, there is nothing hidden, in the big Hearthstone show coming to this BlizzCon event this weekend: A short teaser released today suggests that the next expansion seems to be heavily dependent on World of Warcraft source material (unlike things like the Inspectorate League, which is not.)

The sign from the end of the clip is that of the Horde, one of the biggest bands in the WoW, which, with the loud orcous roar of the orc happening in the background, points to a new set with an orbish vibe in it.

Our WoW insider expert Steve Messner is likely to be crucified again: You suspect something based on Razorfen Kraul, a World of Warcraft prisoner in the southern part of Barrens. It is the home of the quilboar ancestors, for one, who can be clearly seen around the orcish figure in the center of the video, and there is that nickname in the YouTube video title: Are you ready?

We already know that at least one new mode is coming to Hearthstone over the course of a year, and I think it could be. Maybe ... horde mode? I'll see myself out.

We'll find one way or another soon enough: BlizzConline, as it is officially called (only online, you see), starts at 2pm PT / 5 pm ET on February 19, and will be completely free for everyone.